Credit: Director/Producer/Camera/Editor

Lonche is a film that tells a tale of two taco trucks, weaving together the narratives of a traditional lunch truck that roams the strawberry fields of the central coast of California, and a gourmet food truck serving the high-tech companies of Silicon Valley. As we follow along with both restaurants-on-wheels on their daily routes, we see the dedication and struggle that it takes to feed a hungry workforce in these two vastly different communities. This short documentary is much more than a story about tacos and burritos – it is an intimate look at family, labor, and sacrifice.

Lonche posterFestivals

2014 – Food Film Festival

2014 – San Francisco Frozen Film Festival 

2014 – Cine Migratorio Film Festival

2014 – Reel Rasquache Film Festival

2014 – Cine Las Americas Film Festival

2014 – Reel Work Labor Film Festival

2014 – Take Two Film Festival

2014 – Food & Farm Film Fest

2014 – Watsonville Film Festival

2013 – SF Immigrant Film Festival

2013 – Oaxaca Film Fest

2013 – Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival